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Krishool Performing Live at The Cosmic Concert

Krishool Performing Live at The Cosmic Concert

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Get entranced by the hypnotic melodic tunes of Krishool, an Afro-Australian musician whose meteoric rise to fame is turning heads around the globe. With a voice that envelops you in a soothing embrace, feet that ignite the dance floor with electrifying movements, and hands that conjure up otherworldly melodies on the guitar, Krishool's musical artistry is an awe-inspiring force to behold.

His talents were first revealed to the world as a member of the illustrious Australian boyband Track 5, but it was his appearance on "The Voice" that took him to new heights, 
capturing the attention of none other than the legendary Krishool's name is now a byword for effortlessly cool rhythms and unmatched expertise, delivering unforgettable performances that linger in the mind.

Krishool's style is as diverse as it is captivating, gliding effortlessly from soulful croons to jazzy riffs, hip-hop beats to rock ballads. He has graced the stage of iconic venues across Australia, taken his music to audiences around the world as part of Track 5, and reached the ears of countless listeners through his music streaming on Spotify, airing on the radio, and featuring in music publications. And the excitement continues to build, as Krishool is set to release a brand new single March 2023. With each new track, he reaffirms his commitment to crafting captivating and soul-stirring music that speaks to the heart of all who listen.



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